January Ninth Daily Grind

I have been dividing my gaming time mostly between Oxygen Not Included and Magic the Gathering Arena.  I have been playing MtG Arena for roughly three month now.  Although the selection of cards is decent for deck-building I do find myself running against the same annoying decks.

I just reached platinum Rank.  Those annoying decks are even more buffed up now.  For the next 100 games (so about a week) I will playing a Black/White Vampire Deck.  The deck that beats me the most I will then tweak and play for the next 100 and so on.  To move up to Diamond Rank you have to be at +28 more wins than losses.  Very daunting task!  I do not see any of my decks being that good until the next season reset in a few weeks.

In nine days a new expansion is going to be released for Mtg:Arena, called Ravnica Allegiance.  Very excited!   So many new decks to play against!

Still keep trying new colonies in Oxygen not Included, always hoping for that perfect start.  They usually get to somewhere between cycle 20 and 30.

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