January 10 – Preparing to up the Ante

Had a good day playing Mtg: Arena from pretty much 10am to 3am with some breaks to watch Oxygen not Included tutorials. Switched up playing my Black/White Lifelink deck to a Red/White and a Green/White. At a cost of three mana the Resplendent Angel is broken-powerful. Hmm I think I might throw some into that vampire deck and see how that goes.

Went to +12 with a couple of mana-screws and a couple of excellent nail-biters with both of us below 5 health. Decided to go look at the forums on reddit. I heartily recommend at least looking at the topic titles for whatever game you are perusing as this will give you a good indication of current concerns. And an excellent way to improve your game experience.

A topic title was asking which of two utility program was better for Arena. Whoa, there are utility programs? A quick search later, a download from wondrerful github later and oh boy! All my decks, and my last ten games. Looks like it will keep track of wins-losses, deck changes and a log of games played. When I have a particularly fun game I will post and comment on it. Same if I get pounded on by a superior deck.

The program is MTG Arena tool. Another nice feature is it tells you how your collection is coming along. I have put twenty dollars into the game to purchase gems, one of two currencies in the game. Most of the draft tournaments require gems to enter, which would be arduous beyond words to earn. Anyways, playing daily for a couple of months has me at 61% of the individual cards 33% for overall collection and 41% towards opening the vault. If I could afford to buy boosters, I certainly would.

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