January 11th- Complaints and Redemption

Over the last few days playing Magic the Gathering: Arena it seemed like my decks were competitive against most others.  Except I kept losing to Black/Blue Control Deck.  The combination of losing the best cards in your hand due to the two mana Thought Erasure  to having the best cards in your deck played against you, thanks to Thief of Sanity.

The Annoyance

I was so frustrated I went onto the forums and griped.  Not at all a surprise, the community sneered at me and in essence I was told to get good.

I have been playing Magic since beta.  My friends were into it first and I still remember the almost religious experience looking at the cards.  It reminded me of a game I had played called Kings and Things.  I got a job at a comic store and traded heavily.  My collection of cards today would be over two hundred thousand dollars (I have checked) but my binder was stolen.  Ohhhh karma what did I do in a previous life?  I played in tournaments with a red/green aggro deck.  Every single computer or console version of Magic I have exhaustively played as well.

So it is not a question of get good.  It is about having fun and having some variety!

I just had an epic 38 turn duel my revamped Black/White deck against a Black/Blue.  Thanks to overloading on white take-out enchantments I was finally able to whittle him down

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