New Deck dropped in Arena: Allegiances

Oh so awesome!  Over 270 new cards to collect and play with/against.  Already have opened four free boosters and used up some of my hard-earned wildcards to add some zest to my dominating red/green decks.  For the first time ever have reached platinum tier 1!  That is +21 against mythical decks. Only another +7 to reach diamond rank!  Those are going to be by far my most difficult because I read a lot on the forums that the top tier is just ridiculously difficult.

If all goes well going to be spending twenty bucks hard cash and entering a couple of draft tournies.  That will allow me to choose the colors and cards I mostly want.  Here is the deck I am going to be running until then.


Colliision/Colossus I have used twice, both times it swung the course of the duel.  Have not got Rhythm of the Wild in my hand in five games yet.


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