Brief Gaming History of the tenhouradaygamer

Starting from the mid-seventies I have spent most of my free-time and a significant portion of my supposed sleep time playing all manners of games.  Starting with board and card games to early consoles like the Atari 2600 and the Intellivision to early computers such as the TI99-4a and Apple IIc to complete obsession with Dungeons and Dragons to miniature wargaming and text-based pkMUDs (player-killer Multi User Dungeons) and the continual evolution of consoles, computers, and even miniature war-game figurines which I have seen transition from lead to pewter to plastic to resin.

Easily surpassing ten hours a day (no surprise I have been single for twenty years) but rounding down for simplicity multiplied by the days in a year for forty years is a 146000 hours mostly happily spent working the brain. Although I do have over 50 hours in each of the five Dark-Souls games (demons soul+1,2,3+bloodborne) and that is a more masochistic game environment.  And I broke my hand punching a couch (A COUCH!) that had a steel rod running through it (I guess hide-a-bed then) playing  multiplayer in one of the Call of Duty games.

In addition to just reviewing random games I feel like, I will also being doing articles on every game I have over 1000 hour gameplay experience as well as the plethora that have made it over 100.