Two Decathalon Wins!

Despite enduring a staggering amount of stress, due to the gameplay of the deck (rope-a-dope) pulled off a 7-1 Alchemy Token win. Thankfully only ran across one Red Dragon deck which cast two Goldspan Dragons on turn 4. Yayyyyy.

There’s the deck. It also includes a sideboard of lessons, just in case.

First Sealed Draft

This is what I would be what I consider to be pure garbage. At the moment it is 4-2 giving me hope of a good deck hitting 7-2.

Lost the next game. However, went 7-1 with a Black/Green Control Deck. Meathook Massacre was the bomb. One event down! Nine to go! Next up is Alchemy, which is one I expect a lot of trouble with. At the moment, am 3-1 with an Orhzov Clerics Deck, after going 0-2 with Mono-Green Wolves, 0-2 Gruul Werewolves and 0-2 Orhzov Control.