Fourth time is the charm

Finally made it to Mythic!  Took four attempts to get that last win.  At one point I lost NINE in a row and dropped back a tier.  Switched up to a Red/White mid-range deck and made all the ground up.

Of course once I achieved Mythic it was a let-down.  I will get one more booster pack,  which you earn 1-2 of every day just playing.  Decks are either Red aggro or gate-decks so that is boring as all hell.



Getting Twitched

Installed some game streaming programs such as Steamlabs OBS.  Did a couple of trial tests and think I am ready for a five hour stream tonight!  My deck has continued to play great and am now one win away from Diamond Rank!

Is where you will be able to catch the action as I try to get to Mythic Rank…probably next season as there are only eleven days left in preseason 1.

Still have lots of research to do on all the new cards.  I will go through each color and mark down cards that either have great mana value for their effects or that have great effects for a bit more mana.  I will blog my notes on each color.

Apparently the makers of Magic, Wizards of the Coast have a creator content program for streamers.  I am on my way to check it out now.


YAAAAY!!!   Won the promotion battle against a mirror deck that had a lot more new stuff in it.  Experience prevailed!

New Deck dropped in Arena: Allegiances

Oh so awesome!  Over 270 new cards to collect and play with/against.  Already have opened four free boosters and used up some of my hard-earned wildcards to add some zest to my dominating red/green decks.  For the first time ever have reached platinum tier 1!  That is +21 against mythical decks. Only another +7 to reach diamond rank!  Those are going to be by far my most difficult because I read a lot on the forums that the top tier is just ridiculously difficult.

If all goes well going to be spending twenty bucks hard cash and entering a couple of draft tournies.  That will allow me to choose the colors and cards I mostly want.  Here is the deck I am going to be running until then.


Colliision/Colossus I have used twice, both times it swung the course of the duel.  Have not got Rhythm of the Wild in my hand in five games yet.


Half of my D&D miniature collection

img_0105 (2)Just as addicting as Magic when you physically opened the packages. Spent alot of my food budget on these at one point in life.  In addition to looking pretty cool there was a decent board game that you played with them.  And of course they can be used for table-top D&D.   Many times have cataloged and packaged them up for sale only to back out.  Even as I near fifty I am still looking to get a weekly group going.

7streakWell finally getting some card and mana luck as I go 9-1 at platinum Rank.  Sticking to fun to play decks as opposed to control decks (every blue mage)

January 11th- Complaints and Redemption

Over the last few days playing Magic the Gathering: Arena it seemed like my decks were competitive against most others.  Except I kept losing to Black/Blue Control Deck.  The combination of losing the best cards in your hand due to the two mana Thought Erasure  to having the best cards in your deck played against you, thanks to Thief of Sanity.

The Annoyance

I was so frustrated I went onto the forums and griped.  Not at all a surprise, the community sneered at me and in essence I was told to get good.

I have been playing Magic since beta.  My friends were into it first and I still remember the almost religious experience looking at the cards.  It reminded me of a game I had played called Kings and Things.  I got a job at a comic store and traded heavily.  My collection of cards today would be over two hundred thousand dollars (I have checked) but my binder was stolen.  Ohhhh karma what did I do in a previous life?  I played in tournaments with a red/green aggro deck.  Every single computer or console version of Magic I have exhaustively played as well.

So it is not a question of get good.  It is about having fun and having some variety!

I just had an epic 38 turn duel my revamped Black/White deck against a Black/Blue.  Thanks to overloading on white take-out enchantments I was finally able to whittle him down

January 10 – Preparing to up the Ante

Had a good day playing Mtg: Arena from pretty much 10am to 3am with some breaks to watch Oxygen not Included tutorials. Switched up playing my Black/White Lifelink deck to a Red/White and a Green/White. At a cost of three mana the Resplendent Angel is broken-powerful. Hmm I think I might throw some into that vampire deck and see how that goes.

Went to +12 with a couple of mana-screws and a couple of excellent nail-biters with both of us below 5 health. Decided to go look at the forums on reddit. I heartily recommend at least looking at the topic titles for whatever game you are perusing as this will give you a good indication of current concerns. And an excellent way to improve your game experience.

A topic title was asking which of two utility program was better for Arena. Whoa, there are utility programs? A quick search later, a download from wondrerful github later and oh boy! All my decks, and my last ten games. Looks like it will keep track of wins-losses, deck changes and a log of games played. When I have a particularly fun game I will post and comment on it. Same if I get pounded on by a superior deck.

The program is MTG Arena tool. Another nice feature is it tells you how your collection is coming along. I have put twenty dollars into the game to purchase gems, one of two currencies in the game. Most of the draft tournaments require gems to enter, which would be arduous beyond words to earn. Anyways, playing daily for a couple of months has me at 61% of the individual cards 33% for overall collection and 41% towards opening the vault. If I could afford to buy boosters, I certainly would.

January Ninth Daily Grind

I have been dividing my gaming time mostly between Oxygen Not Included and Magic the Gathering Arena.  I have been playing MtG Arena for roughly three month now.  Although the selection of cards is decent for deck-building I do find myself running against the same annoying decks.

I just reached platinum Rank.  Those annoying decks are even more buffed up now.  For the next 100 games (so about a week) I will playing a Black/White Vampire Deck.  The deck that beats me the most I will then tweak and play for the next 100 and so on.  To move up to Diamond Rank you have to be at +28 more wins than losses.  Very daunting task!  I do not see any of my decks being that good until the next season reset in a few weeks.

In nine days a new expansion is going to be released for Mtg:Arena, called Ravnica Allegiance.  Very excited!   So many new decks to play against!

Still keep trying new colonies in Oxygen not Included, always hoping for that perfect start.  They usually get to somewhere between cycle 20 and 30.