Getting Twitched

Installed some game streaming programs such as Steamlabs OBS.  Did a couple of trial tests and think I am ready for a five hour stream tonight!  My deck has continued to play great and am now one win away from Diamond Rank!

Is where you will be able to catch the action as I try to get to Mythic Rank…probably next season as there are only eleven days left in preseason 1.

Still have lots of research to do on all the new cards.  I will go through each color and mark down cards that either have great mana value for their effects or that have great effects for a bit more mana.  I will blog my notes on each color.

Apparently the makers of Magic, Wizards of the Coast have a creator content program for streamers.  I am on my way to check it out now.


YAAAAY!!!   Won the promotion battle against a mirror deck that had a lot more new stuff in it.  Experience prevailed!

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